Friday, September 18, 2009
091809 I become a Penyelam Unggul! @ 00:33


I know, I know.. I've been very obsessed with somekind of FI-member-position-and-being-Penyelam-Unggul-in-particular for so long.. I know; yeah I know you knew, too, and I admitted it, indeed. So now, at September 18th, 2009; less than 8 months since I've joined Forum Lautan Indonesia, finally--
I reach the highest position (beneath Special Member, for sure) as a Penyelam Unggul with 5000 posts, 21.68 post/day (well, it DID descend drastically from 28.2 post/day due to my pre-SNMPTN+SMBB full hiatus *including unlegitimate break during my cellphone robbery, either T.T*) at 00.16 A.M.!!
*throw confetti, balloons, candies, lollipops and sugars up to the air*
(Well, yeah.. Actually I should've been got this position a few months ago, at July, but..--

It also, officially, marks my another semi-hiatus project from the Forum anyway. (Means I'm online, still, but I AM restricting myself mainly from Mamam and Cerkit board--which frequently made me off the limits and going OOT *lolwut*)

Okay. That was today's report =))

NOTE: SCREW's newest album, X-RAY, is NOW FREE to download!! Yippie!! GO GET THEM!! =))

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