Saturday, September 12, 2009
A Half Dead @ 17:38

I should've take a rest, GOD. I believe I should've take a rest.. =_=" Working for over than 6 hours (trust me, it was >__> I started by 10 P.M after acceded in trying to get sleep and willingly, yet forcibly, stopped when I write this, through my cellphone, exhausting, starving.......... PLEASE GIVE ME MY PC+INTERNET BACK!! T_____________T) for fixing up anything.. the clothes, the books, DVDs, comics, all the stuffs including carry up a huge 28-pounds cupboard onto the second floor, *where my brand-new room lies ahead, yippie!!* by hands!!! GAH!!!

I'm tired.

I'm tired to death, srsly D':

It's not easy being a new-comer. It's not easy to move. It's not easy to have a new house....


It's NOT :(( *sob*

P.S: I've modified this entry, so you have to know how messed-up my house was. Teehee, it's a lame, but I don't really mind :)

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