Monday, September 14, 2009
OMO!! O.Oa @ 23:33

I just got this photos from jloverz forum and LOL, I just totally laughing my ass off xDDD

Take a look.

*you know what?? this is Juri of DELUHI's handmade picture and I don't know what does he really mean by that strange creature xDDD ROFL*

*awkwardly, this is also Juri's painting (geez, how could I call it painting anyway??). That was Aggy in Juri's sight, if you don't get that =))*

Gahahaha. LOOOOOL. I don't want to see his drawings anymore. That was awfully bad =))

Credit to jloverz forum and to crescent_sho aka. sisca; many many thanks!! XDDD

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