Thursday, September 24, 2009
phbbbt_ @ 18:09

I've changed my blog address into http://www.nameless-alice.blogspot.com--have I told you any of that??
So PLEASE. Please, fellas; for those who're following me and intended to see the site at the old http://www.seija-no-parade.blogspot.com one BUT then figured out that THE SITE DOESN'T EVEN FOUND--and decided to leave out all of the rest--please. Read this entry first nicely. I'M NEITHER MOVING NOR DELETING my blog account--I only have somekind of dash-prob LOL--for sure, so please. Keep on the line. Keep following me as I'm glad in following you. Thank you.

P.S: Would like being a skeptical one along as if Matyr starts to lick my ears, chin, neck, cheek and hairs while I was carrying on him. Incredibly tickling =)) He's a good purrer at all, really AND, hey, have I told you that Matyr has coming back? 8D

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