Friday, September 11, 2009
Silent. [un] MOVING. @ 20:03

I'm moving, currently.

I'm moving into another place. Another neighborhood. Another life... running away from my own-gloomy-pastimes.

I'm here, right on a huge-car, typing through my cellphone; wishing that as time goes by, as this wheels spinning on harshly over the wet asphalt, everything will get better.
Everything will be okay.................

It will be.

P.S: I hate how my old neighbor dissipated and behaved so far.. they're somekind of a loathsome poker face. They're a kinda neighbor who always want to had in hand in other people's business. I know they knew, for God's sake, I hate them!! STOP ASKING ME THE REASONS WHY WE'RE ABOUT TO MOVE AND PRETENDING THAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW ANY!! X(

P.S.S: Sorry for being so bitchy.

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