Monday, September 14, 2009
Stuffs I needed, back then @ 15:47

I need to buy some ornaments and wrapping things for coloring upon my plain blue wall =__="

I need (means want, clearly) to paint it black and crimson.

I need to buy a large bookshelf for all those magazines and mangas I forcibly placed in a corner due to its unavailability.

I need to ask someone for fixing over the floor. Some of the floortiles has been being detatched. It's ghasty ~__~

I need to find a kitten trapped inside the house's roof since 2 days ago. D':< Its mew was quite intruding.. yet I want to get to it, it was stranded an no one saves it TT.TT

I need to buy a nice carpet. I need to buy a curtain. I need to buy a lava-lamp and SHOXX/FOOLSMATE magazine--Alice Nine special edition with a poster of tora inserted inside (it's just my desire LOL).

And obviously I need my room to be ready!! Urgh! I need my own spot, seriously -_-" But then.. in spite of its condition, I need to sleep with mum, temporarily. Bah.

Plus, how resentful was this resident CAUSE there's no such kid in the same age as me. X(

Anyway, Sari just have texted me that I have to give her Harry-Potter-and-the-Deathly-Hallows back by September, 17th, after she's about at home that date. so yeah, I'll get some of my DVDs and mangas borrowed by her return.

(unrelated) Note: it's Miyavi's 28th birthday!! Otanjoubi omedettou, ojisan~! Please take care of Airi nicely ;)