Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Together When... @ 17:54

We're going to break the fast along with Mr. Cecep's family--whom his wife, Mrs. Cecep (schyeah, just called her so.), was a friend of mum for so long since they were worked in the same government office at 2002 and Mr. Cecep himself has always helped us right when we're here--today.

I can't cook, at all, for God's sake, but mum let (means forced, by the way) me to handle all that peas and eggs and radishes and she seems not care when I made her soybean burnt and scorched and--scratch this--she DID NOT even care with any disorder nor some confusion I made, she's overhelmed and WAS in charge to please anybody. Yeah.. she cooked quite much. Too much, even, but it's pretty nice, truthfully; whether it's her cooking or seeing all the visitors having their meal.. it's nice to share out the joys; it absolutely is so much satisfying, I confess. And, particularly, I'm able to capture the moment anyway, so here it is:

I'm glad to know them.

(Very very unrelated) Note: Did I mention that SCREW's newest album--X-Ray--is released today?
Seemingly not :D

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