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("To all the fans who have been supporting SCREW,

We truly thank you for always supporting SCREW. The members have an important announcement for everyone.
Even though he’s been our bassist since the beginning of our activities, Yuuto will be leaving the band on December 31st, 2009.

We had a countless discussions regarding his decision, and in the end this was the result that was reached. We deeply apologize to all of our fans.

However, after his departure both SCREW and Yuuto will be walking down fresh paths, and with that conclusion, we won’t be looking back. The five of us feel that this is a positive solution, so we hope that you can understand.

There are only a few lives remaining with Yuuto as part of the band, but we hope that you can cheer the five of us on until the very end."

PS COMPANY Co,.Ltd. / Indie PSC._

Source: ScReW's OHP

NO. No--definitely no but heck, YES, it's also been being confirmed that this news had been published in SHOXX magazine as what winny've said to me THOUGH I still have no idea whether it was a mere hoax or simply, surprisingly CORRECT.
That copyrighted-PSC's-sign.. however, giving such proof within this unproved case thoroughly; but HOW COULD YOU, then, Yuuto, DARE TO LEAVE THE BAND WHILE YOU YOURSELF ARE THE LEADER??!

Dare to leave the band after successfully mesmerizing me through Genei no Kusari--the PV--and X-Rays??

Dare to leave out all of the rest and pretending that there are no such spectacular things occured to tell even in your ameba??

I know. I KNOW I shouldn't blame him for something which remains a mystery--at least yes, I thought so. I KNOW, all along, I wasn't a bigfan of him since I've only concerned about Kazuki and Manabu in the band, BUT...

I don't understand this.
I don't understand...--why.

He might've been considering the path he've choose; and mulled over the decision carefully and passed through the alley whatever hard it is, SO..
I'd hardly love to say: "Ganbatte kudasai, Yuuto-san!"

Hope you all the best.

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