Wednesday, October 07, 2009
ScReW's Member Comment @ 18:57

I’m sure that there are a lot of SCREW fans who would like to know more about Yuuto’s decision. Each member has posted a comment on the OHP regarding the news and the future of the band.
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I’m sorry for the unexpected and surprising announcement.
I have decided that I will be leaving SCREW.
The reasons behind my decision are musical differences, and also because there is a gap between the band’s direction, and my own.
I discussed it with the members numerous times, but for the sake of both SCREW and myself, this is the solution that we have decided on.
To all the fans that have been supporting me, and to all those connected to the band that I’m indebted to, I can’t put into words how truly, truly grateful I am.
I’m sorry that things came to this, and I’m sorry for causing you to feel disappointed.
Being absorbed with playing the bass in SCREW, I’ve made a lot of memories which have become a great part of my life. With this force, I will continue to move forward.
I also feel that SCREW will continue to progress even more than we are now.
Even though we are going down different paths, we will each be doing our best down those respective roads, and therefore I will be happy if the fans will continue to support us.
For everything thus far, I truly thank you.
I’m sorry for causing confusion with the abrupt announcement.
It’s not something that came about instantly, but after thinking, and thinking and thinking, this is the solution that we have arrived at.
It’s not that disbanding didn’t cross my mind, however, I feel that for all the fans who encourage us, and for all the people that support us, and most of all for myself personally, SCREW is not yet over.
I want to enjoy the few lives we have left with the five of us as best we can.
This is not something negative, but instead is us facing-foward, so I want you to keep watching warmly over us.
Finally, thank you for always supporting SCREW.
As mentioned on our HP, Yuuto has decided to leave SCREW.
I’m sure there are those who feel confused, unhappy and have lost trust in us with this abrupt announcement.
It’s not something that’s simple to accept, but we feel that for the sake of all of us truly advancing, this is the path we must take.
The time that the five of us have spent together in SCREW, is a fortune that money can’t buy, and honestly, I have grown from it.
Even though we will be taking different paths, our feelings on our progress this far is the same.
For that reason, until it’s the end of the five of us in SCREW, and also as we go down different paths, please continue to support us.
I’m truly sorry for the sudden announcement.
I’ve been in the band believing that SCREW is SCREW with all five of us.
Therefore, at the beginning, I couldn’t accept that Yuuto was going to leave, and I felt like I would give just about anything (to have him stay). However, However, I’ve come to realize that I have a new respect for the future of this important friend in which we’ve taken care of each other, and shared in both happiness and sorrow.
Thinking about how all the fans who support us must feel, is very painful. This decision, according to both Yuuto and SCREW, is something that we think is positive and constructive.
And with this as our answer, SCREW has made a fresh decision to push forward.
I hope that all of our fans can understand. Somehow or another, I want you to believe in us.
Since SCREW’s formation, my friend Yuuto, who I have supported and been supported by, who I’ve laughed with, made songs and performed lives with, has decided to leave the band.
When I said friend, I meant family.
Yuuto leaving is a result of many discussions with the members, and the biggest reasons are musical differences in SCREW’s future direction, and differences in opinions. Of course it’s not something that you can feel simply about.
I think that all of the fans have been very, very shocked. I think that it’s hard for you to immediately understand it. And there has been some discourtesy as well, but this decision is because of the friendship between Yuuto and the four of us.
In reality, it’s hard to accept, but honestly we’ve decided to face this with a positive attitude, and I hope that you can continue to support both Yuuto and SCREW.
As far as Yuuto’s last days in SCREW go, please watch him until the very end. SCREW will continue to be an important part of both the fans lives, and Yuuto’s life.
Yuuchan, for everything, honestly and truly, thank you.
Source: OHP

credit to: Adrienne at Shattered-Tranquility. Many many thanks!!