Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Mindswitching. @ 22:02

For nothing in particular, I love Yu Aoi. And for some unexplainable cases....... I feel envious for how she naturally and purely looks like an extremely cute middle-school student with an East Asian beauty though she's already 24. *v*

Anyway. I honestly have never thought that s[k]ape:goat is a catchy song and it's not even one my favorite, but why did I instantly switch my mind after I've been re-watching my Two Hurt DVD--Fool's Mate Edition Live for a nearly-countless times this day? D:

SUJK's powerful double-pedals drums, Juri's voice, Leda's brilliant guitar and the audience's simultaneous headbang was somehow driving me in. :3 AND not to ignore the fact that I kept on rewinding the bridge part when Aggy was whispering a couple sentences of the lyrics as a backing vocal. It's sinfully addicting. *____*