Friday, May 21, 2010
the earth devoid of lights. @ 00:56

I want to go watching The Prince of Persia today as Kaye told me on the shoutbox that the movie deserves a 4/5 scoring for the spectacular scenes and great actings and fight moves that were right out of the games, but then again it's far from possible to be fullfilled.

AND OH, SO. Today is the 'Draw Mohammad' day, isn't it, thanks to bakteeri for reminding me by making its topic in DUDE, SRSLY; thus solemnly, WTF? Painting the prophet in a filthy and silly cartoon and claiming the result as your best; posting a scam entry as a reply instead of self-explanatory when I encountered you that it was an insult, or moreover a blasphemy? I could quite recall that this was broadcasted over a nationwide television programs and that this was seemingly originated from a group formed randomly in Facebook, and I know you guys don't see the matter as much as I do prolly because I'm a moslem and you ain't one; yet really. This is completely different with the fact that neither Buddhist nor Christians complain whenever their Gods being parodied or such, Kir, cause the God of which the moslems are worshipped is not their concrete-shaped Gods which could be freely drawn at atop of a ceiling and be engraved in a certain form of sculpture--it is, in fact, forbidden to whether imagine how His being would likely be like, and so is Mohammad's, and take point that I'm not being a puritan/extremist for I myself knew that I'm nothing of what the words' terminology implied. I can tolerate the shits you said within, "Mohammad, the prophet of the cows. I drew one and it turned out great, so I put it in the freezer door." since you guys were entirely not aware that drawing him is considered as a big sin and fatal mockery, but still. Do respect others' religions. You might be all as Atheist and as Evangelic as you pleased, but have you ever thought how the impact of the interpretations will be turning out into? Have you ever thought how much this means to us? You jokingly created your version of the Rasul and jokingly, too, commented unethically without a second hesitation and still safely stated that it was none of an insult, and then easily said that the real moslems wouldn't get offended by this. How do you know, huh? How could it cross your mind that it's nothing at all? Did you ever know what real moslems are, and did you ever know that actually the real moslems sure wouldn't get offended, but certainly this will get them in fury? You told anyone who might shed tears or mind this as serious business to grow up as if this means just bullcrap and toyed it; I'm quite sure that whom you referred as the real moslems would be most likely in rage. Seriously, I--and I believe, the other moslems and another religions' believer--were taught that there are no jokes when it comes to beliefs, y'see.