Monday, June 14, 2010
the pawned-by-the-burning-panzer kangaroos. @ 03:32

Australia was heavily slaughtered, as the title implies; by my all-time favorite team for they didn't offer much resistance and could just as well have been replaced with cardboard cutouts during some shitful periods of the game cause it wouldn't have made any difference. Mark Schwarzer was four times fucked by the four goal-scorer: Podolski, Miroslav, Muller and Cacao; respectively; and Tim Cahill was also fucked by the acceptance of a red card given by the referee
for tackling both ankles of Bastian Schweinsteiger--although it still could be considered as a major exaggeration. Yet, much sorry, Pim Verbeek; but it seems like you were also unequivocally checkmate-ed by Joachim Loew, hands down.

More importantly, however. There's nothing cuter than Miroslav doing a land-sliding whilst punching the air after ripping the hurdle by his trademark head-shot, embraced by his team mates, delightfully; pretty much the exact opposite with Schwarzer's frantic exasperation. Germany uber alles!