Wednesday, July 21, 2010
beneath the bleeding sky. @ 18:47

So. I just happened to realize that I need to replace the layout because this month is the exact one year after I started out blogging and spitting over random things within the cluttered entries; what a thought.


...how could you, relentlessly, leave us after 'bequeathing' such a wonderful single, 嫌, and a live-distributed one, 嘘と迷路, Daisuke-san? It's saddening that, after listening to the whole songs and reading both Tsukasa and Hizumi of D'espairsRay condolences posts at their blog, I nearly deliriously cry again. ;_____;

Anyway. Thank you very much to SUBLIMINAL and Skidium-san at Tainted World Forum for uploading a nearly complete Merrygoround discography; I really appreciate it. AND OH, did I mention the truth that I've just been declining one of my worst desire for buying a Deluhi x Chariots official phone strap from their 2-man live at  Shinjuku RUIDOK4 June 2009 due to its expensive shipping+transfer payment fee?