Saturday, July 10, 2010
Rest in Peace, an Atheist said; whilst I'm hoping you may Allah embrace your soul. @ 20:48

A very close relative of mine had just peacefully passed out at about 11.40 AM this day due to a chronic duodenal cancer she had suffered for 3 years, in the age of 62.

I still do remember about mum saying that her problem caused a kind of incapability in both swallowing and digesting foods so that she could only stomach a very soft porridge, to the point of where her body became extremely scraggy and tremendously languid. I clearly do remember that she used to love watching football up until late at midnight and smoking in an enormous amount; which she still frequently did even when she could only sluggishly lay over the bed, in anguish; feeling a flick of helpless affliction which taunted. I really do remember about mum telling that her doctor called her his most obtuse patient; and that mum, me and my brother were the people she looked after the most for she even cried hard once mum was able to pay a visit, months ago; and now that I'm in her empty home...

"Farewell, my Aunt; I and my dearest mother apologize you for being unable to see your chaste state for the very last time. A long journey and an eternal life beyond the promised heaven awaits you ahead, I wish for you to be safe. I entrust you a package of cigarette with a fragrant scent and the most sincere prayers for your soul. Good bye, and thank you. For everything."

We're all His humans who soon will fade; dissolving into the ground.