Thursday, August 12, 2010
a mixed shit mix mixed to mix a shit mixed mix. @ 17:29

It feels like months have passed that I haven't written anything here after a little while, eh.

And thus. Since it's already Ramadhan, and not counting that I'm currently in a leave due to monthly period, I'm sorry if I hadn't told you here that I was smoothly appointed as a J-Download moderator in Japanesia per August this year. I'm sorry if I hadn't told you here that, for whatever it's worth, PDKT was both exciting and nastily exhausting, substantially for its occupying essays, resumes, long answers and interviews given as a daily tasks which pretty much as opposite as my previous prejudice, thank God; although there's sadly some trouble happened regarding the students' data recollectings/sortings/listings, in which I'm twice not noted as one. I'm sorry if I hadn't told you here that the senate open hearing was rather boring, to the point of where I kept my phone playing ONE OK ROCK's Nicheシンドローム and König's Gantzfeld through all the speech, announcements and the scientific orations, not caring that we were actually not allowed to bring electronic devices. I'm sorry if I hadn't told you guys about anything occurred in the past few weeks since late at July; and I'm sorry, too, for any mistakes I've done which I mostly just lashed out without much of a thought. We're all just human, afterall, and nothing more or less.

Marhaban ya Ramadhan; in this month full of blessings, happy fasting, everyone.

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