Sunday, September 05, 2010
a pubescent teenager whose balls are about to drop. @ 14:07

So I decided to make a review of my whole week starting from Monday, August 30th, to Friday, September 3rd, instead of posting 5 separated entries for I knew it'd be helplessly short--and as usual, full of random words that cause vaginal cancer to suddenly spew out my orifices and consume my body, to begin with.

In the meantime, at Monday. I saw an announcement of my EPrT and EPT score and 1-level course classes' distribution at B309 which was surprisingly advanced from its original date, September 20th. I'm placed in the same schedule with Raka and Dhika, yay!

[Please do excuse my camera quality. ;w;]
After registering myself via online at prodaselab's web for an Algorithm and Programming practicum at Tuesday, I managed to enroll in group consisting of Me, Lucy and Carin [who was regrettably not present due to being hospitalized cause she was sorely contracted by a blasted dengue] at C3 building for a Technical Drawings practicum at Wednesday, prior having a faculty event [which I followed just for a free TAK giveaways, lol.] and the Dean+co-Deans acquaintanceship. It was boring, as far as I could recall, since I couldn't make myself focus and my throat felt like it was being throbbed and when I continued on to my faculty's breakfasting session the menu was really unsavory that I forcibly ate it due to affability [and fuck, I needed a fresh water, but the beverages sucked. God I hate slightly hating an assemblage where I supposedly belong to.] and didn't even take photos concerning the distasteful servings. Permib's breakfasting session at Friday was muuuuch better than the aforementioned; not counting the fact that the price is lower--but the menu was tastier than ever; FLOUR FRIED CHICKEN FILLET+SWEET SAUCE FTW. The entwined programs, too, were admittedly fun that the seniors were also willing to kindly socialize and blend with their juniors. <3 The TI-34-05 students were given a free HP laptops at Thursday, 09.00-10.00 AM, plus with its bags and such;

 [It's my classmate, Lucy, messing up the mushola to install the OS; lol]
and I didn't attend the last Algorithm and Programming lecture at Saturday since everyone's already absent, but for the ending~ this is the caption of my PDKT score announced at Student Center, to which I'm firmly flattered. AN A, WOOO.

I guess I just need some Ritalins and go outside. :p