Saturday, October 30, 2010
fuck. @ 21:07

I just have a haircut today.

...yeah. It, along with my mother's accusations, somehow refrains me to sulk on myself of the thought that I'm a lost Social person who supposedly picked English Literature, instead of Industrial Engineering, once I failed at certain subjects. Who supposedly majored International Relations or State Administration and consorted with elite quixotic stuffs. And who supposedly shone at lessons, and brilliant at classes. And who're supposed to shuffle off into another University since I don't even remotely fit the classifications of 'Technique Student'. And who're supposed to raise my hands all up towards the fact that the Psychotest I took when I was in High School was a mere misdoing for I never ever got the vistuosity; even if it kept resulting that I should be advanced in the said sickening field. YEAH? Yeah, indeed.

It's frustrating how failure may make your brains wrecked in a sudden. And how cowardice shortcuts, despite calling it smart possibilities, quickly mushroomed inside your head once a realization that you'll be getting a dreadful D for crucial subject [which assists 3 SKS, shit] at Mid Term Exam [which contributes a prominent 25% of the final evaluation, yes; dammit] jeopardized you, and choked your veins, and dangerously menaced the accumulated scores determining your IP; for you're no longer able to blame the given insufficient time and the improper media.

It's me, all alone, who didn't finish the task. It's me, who drew lines and circles and orthogonal projections phlegmatically. Who made the head image recklessly, without etiquette and the USA thing. Who translated the 3D drawing instructions leisurely. Who didn't take times quite astutely. Who didn't prepare and practice frequently, cause I disdained TD. And, afterall, it's also me who curses endlessly.

...but Idgaf.

Scram you to hell, Technical Drawing. Even Algorithm and Programming--which at first also induced me cursing due to failing--can't beat your lousiness alive.