Thursday, October 21, 2010
a letter. @ 22:40

Dear Mr. Tedjo, my Algorithm and Programming Lecture,
I'm sorry that I kept on texting my friend while your class were going. I'm sorry that I kept on teasing Indri, who was sitting next to me. I'm sorry that I remained silent when you asked us if we're troubled or such. And I'm sorry, deeply sorry, that I never really utterly told you that I actually never managed to get myself into your classes. Seriously, Sir; aside of Practicum, I honestly never understood anything you taught us thus far. How am I supposed to answer the whole 20 multiple-choices-questions and 3-essays on the upcoming Mid-Term Exam if anything you say doesn't even remotely help?

Dear Miss Ima, my Special Class Lecturer,
....I'm disappointed. How could my presences and those assignments and presentations I've already submitted are only worth giving 12 point? I'm fond given 67 as a starting point, but getting 79--which equals a B--only whilst 80 is worth an A? It's exasperating, right, since you're obliged to be fair?