Sunday, October 31, 2010
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Sooo. Since I'm literally depressed and need something to lessen out my burden, I crossed over ONE OK ROCK's OVERCOME EMOTION Tour '09 - Shinjuku LOFT, felt like it's gonna be a right target, and decided to download it. For 4.5 hours, thanks to my somewhat decent internet connection that doesn't get along well with Megaupload. Without realizing how expansive my current music taste is [yes. I'm a narrow-eared person who will settle just with one kind of music once I found it suits my eardrums and fucking abandon the rest. So the moment when I stomped my feet across Western (God, I hate that word) Folk Metal/Ambient/Avant-garde/Heavy Metal/Alternative Metal/Dark Metal/Rock/Emo stuffs again after burying it back at High School AND drew myself into some female-flavored bands which genres involved Indie Rock slant/Punk/Techno/Electronica/Jazz/Shoegaze and Touhou (is that even a genre? WTF) that in most cases I strongly avoided since it has no traits that I'm usually fond of in bands--particularly the vocals--and also starting to leave the shit out of VK and all of its dramas into General Japanese Rock, hell, is a precious rarity.], here are some screencaps I took out of over-happiness due to my recent downfall which banished ALL of my video (PV&Lives) collections and 400 GB++ of my music directories:

Precaution: ..you know I always force myself to be objective, even if it pushes me to be really blunt and offensive, including to bands I originally adore. But I don't give a fuck, this is the very first Live I downloaded and enjoyed after the huge loss, and thus I'm helplessly biased and polarized. Be very cautious of heavy fangirling-content; I've warned you.

Toshii's note: Screencaps are put on thumbnail mode, concerning the space, and mostly taken at CONVINCING + 恋ノアイボウ心ノクピド's parts, yes; for it does be my favorite scenes. Mind my awesomeness; just click it for a bigger image.

Taka-kun. <3 I really love your appearance, boy.

Scenes where they were jumping on the stage and headbanging together on the bridge of the song[?]. Funny, somehow, but silently addictive. I kept on repeating these minutes, lol.

Moved to 恋ノアイボウ. It's Tomoya I captured, and how crowded the venue was.

When they played far further. Ryota let his T-shirt taken off, nastily sweaty, leaving his thong openly seen. Taka threw his vocal parts pretty often to the audience, shirt drenched, hairs fluttered. Toru with his mouth gaped open, eyes-closed, exhausting due to over-heated. Such a hot performance! #crossed fingers #perverted connotations reference

This was where Taka 'shaked' his body like nuts, LOL! You should see his face, so dorky. xD

...finally. It was over. Well, 恋ノアイボウ was. There was still 1 song left, but it's not really my favorite, so I skipped it, lol.

Conclusion: I'm super happy. Can't you sense it?
Final conclusion: Taka-kun fucking owns. Specially not at his short hair period.

1st EDIT:
I'm new to ONE OK ROCK, probably listened to them since July or such. I never have their live videos, either way, up until now; so it's sorta late.

2nd EDIT:
...and I forget it that today's a Halloween, urgh.

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