Sunday, November 21, 2010
disjointed. @ 09:01

.......eh. #yawns

Nothing really astounding happened on the last few days, sadly; except the fact that I finally finished my Technical Drawing's Orthographical-projection assignment perfectly--according to my own opinion. And that I ditched the ItIE and Religion Class at Monday due to my irresistible stubbornness, skipped today's Mentoring held at 4 PM at Campus' main Mosque even if the Motivation Class--of which the schedule originally quarreled--actually has been ended earlier, and also didn't enroll for tonight's HMTI's Dinner Event which is required[?] for all the FRI members and gave it all up only for SEC's Coconut Meeting; for whatever consequences and hoaxes. I didn't give a shit. I only give shits for my personal achievement of taming my 0.5 mm Rapido and being able to use it without spilling the tint, anyway. I'm currently only feeling miserable for being unable to go to UNJ's Jiyuu Matsuri and meeting my Japanesia and FB friends--blame my Mother for refusing to allow me. :/

...well, that's all, probably. =,=;;