Thursday, November 04, 2010
Hey! :D @ 16:57


 Just started using iTunes today. :* But what makes this day the more awesome is:
  • I didn't go to Campus today. GTFO with Class's photo session, Idgaf; I'm having a severe cold and a blasted cough due to yesterday's down-pouring rain, and I'm way delighted to stay inside my blanket next to my laptop than going for college. Thank you.
  • There's this Preliminary Task for Algorithm and Programming [of which I've got a solid A for its Mid Exam, what a surprise] announced at late at Wednesday, as usual; and aside of its troublesome Programming Tasks, Mr. Tedjo, my lovely Lecturer, was willing to do it all by himself. What could be more gorgeous? Carin just sent me the copy in laughter, telling that the class asked him to do so. Good, guys; I'm sick, and I'm too lazy to think. Good. You all can finally do something useful. <3
  • This comment I got from Japanesia. Seems like I'm starting to find a family.

Why, thank you, fellas. :cheer: