Monday, November 22, 2010
I don't know. @ 23:29

 Myself, Mr. Abul, & Ray.
"...so guys, what do you think about love? Do you believe in love at the first sight?" [points at students based on their chair positions, in orderly]
[with a simple, straight, subtle and convincing tone] "No."
".....what a question." [murmurs] "..................................well, maybe?"
[stares at me] "Why? Why 'No'?"
"It's not that I've never attracted to someone, Sir." [raking hair for no specific reason] "There's actually a lot of guys who seem to be really good-looking and never cease to appeal me on the first place, but it's not even remotely close to liking or such. It's just as futile as it may sound.........--and I know that it's nothing more than a transient feeling you happen to feel which will gradually disappear as time flies on, since I love a person not only from appearance or impression, but also from his nature as a human being. Fundamentally, I highly believe on the concept that love does need processes; that's why."
[reiterating, while nodding] "Love needs processes." [nodding several times, then stares at Ray]
"...................eh." [fidgeting himself while taking a glance at me for seconds] "I change my opinion, Sir. I completely agree with her."

--occurred as of my 1-Level Intermediate-2 English Course just started this evening.