Saturday, November 13, 2010
Student English Club's BBQ Party = glorious. xD @ 23:34

SEC's BBQ Party today at IT Telkom's saung with Coconut [Conversation Community] and DA [Debate Affairs] collided; and despite being really tired and dragged off over the originally planned scheduled, it was all worth the day. Student English Club for the winner!!! #flails

Here's some snapshots I took through my poorly terribad camera, so please excuse the quality.

[when we were pricking the chicken fillets, meats, onions, mushrooms, paprika and pineapples into the sticks]



[the hot mess, lol.]

Well, what can I say. #laughs There were just too much random and hilarious moments that I couldn't tell in this tiny space, but thank you very much, guys, especially Kak Edo, Kak Arga and Kak Aji; you all really rocked the socks off. And Mbak Esa, too; your home-made Mashed Potatoes with Bolognese Sauce was really delicious. It saved my life, really. xD

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