Monday, November 01, 2010
a year. @ 21:27

For a reason, I got the feeling I'll soon be posting a few similar entries with similar titles; judging on how plain my brain lately, and how 2010 has gotten to its peak.

.......so yeah. Pretty late again, I just figured out how fun twitter is [mock me as you please, for you who remember I ever stated that twitter has no use since it's really like facebook and I have no intention to make an account there, at all.], and how Lemi [letmefly @FI] has just reminded me about my good old days at Lautan Indonesia. It's been months, or probably a year, since my last visit there. I got a lot of acquaintances. Bunch of stuffs. Memories. Junks, lol. Are you guys still sailing, or diving deep down inside the ocean? Or are you now occupied with real-life concerns, and thus pausing your foruming activity, just like me? I wonder how is it the condition nowadays. Are you guys okay? Do you still... Remember me?

And hey, Guchay, I miss you too. I'm glad we finally met and follow each other. And your tumblr is great, Hon, I love your drawings-you-so-deemed-as-doodles. <3

And last, on a less-random, yet more serious footnote:

I'm also wondering. RT @sherlytosora: 011110. Oh dear. What does it mean in binary?

It leaves me thinking, hardly.