Tuesday, December 07, 2010
the art of drowning. @ 12:00

So this is the 2nd day I've failed of going to Campus--the elite Campus located at the center of the town. The first was at Saturday, when I was having an Algorithm class and the road in both Cisirung/Bale Endah was flooded. Severely. The volume was so high that I saw people paddling a boat to get through it. And now today, when I'm supposed to attend the Technical Drawing class at 7 AM and the only road left in Banjaran was also drown for, like, 60 cm; whilst the other way around to Bale Endah - Buah Batu I was about to turn my motorcycle over was, random people said, heavily jammed, and I lacked of time. And thus I brought my ride back and went off to home. And whine this all, as usual.

Shit sucks, I hate December.