Tuesday, January 11, 2011
copter. @ 23:11

One crucial thing I learn from internet-based friendships, which is highly applicable in the RL, is that you befriend with people without giving much shits to how they actually look like. You gradually learn to acknowledge it that cliques are worthless scums since everyone is all equal; and it's real superficial how you redefine the terms of friendship if you differentiate persons just based on the scale of their faces' prettiness. It's better than just getting along with the good-looking ones merely because you want to be on the *coughs* popular side.

This comes from a nerd, according to your perception. /chuckles/ Yes, I'm a geeky nerd, y'see; because that way I could perpetually laugh at you...... And your pathetic little--so called--popular beauty circle.

.........jeez. Fake companionship are everywhere.