Saturday, January 08, 2011
experience. @ 13:59


I fell off from my motorbike just now. #laughs
I don't know exactly how it sequentially occurred...... It first began when my mum asked me to get her to Warung Lobak when I was still half-conscious since I was taking my nap, and then after I took her, and she later left, and I turned my way back to home in about 60-70 km/h, a car from the opposite direction turned in all of a sudden--obstructing my way--of which causing me to hold the left + right brakes in an instance to avoid the crash, and so I fell due to the slippery road & the failure of holding the pressure for it was down pouring rain, at the moment. I'm lucky enough there were a couple of men who helped me [including taking my bike to the sidewalk & massaging my severely bruised right foot + its tendons] & that I managed to get to home safely--despite my swollen thigh, thank God.

I kinda want to see how my face looked like when I was falling, by the way. Gotta be utter ludicrous.