Monday, January 10, 2011
like, fuck. @ 19:43

......honestly, it gets aggravatingly tedious hearing people worrying about, somewhat, a possibility of a friction of my sexual orientation pretty much everytime I tweeted about how I adore certain women in a very--let's say--suggestive way, ergh. /gritting teeth/

Like, seriously. You know me, & you know I have a serious fetish right here. You know that, aside of my fondness toward guys with glasses, thin beards & messy, shoulder-length hair, I also love beautiful girls with a natural-beauty face, though that doesn't unilaterally mean I'm bisexual. If just recently I said that Yu Aoi is really pretty she wins my soul & blows me the fuck out and Olla Ramlan (*Indonesian Celebs, go google her if you're that desperate to know) was so hot on a talkshow she guest-starred I feel like kissing her, then it's fine. It's extremely normal. I always find it thrilling how I get appealed to women my heart later races rapidly in such a strange way, but I know I'm still normal, deep down inside. It's just sick how it's often resulting both of my RL & internet friends doubting on where the very true sexual interest of mine lying ahead...... And on how they could be annoyingly narrow & denouncing, at times.

Just so you know, eye-stealing & attractive people, regardless their genders, are always worth giving a shot--no matter what.