Saturday, January 22, 2011
the truth I once knew, but chose to forget. @ 08:43

Have you ever felt like you're loving someone, but he's out of your grasps? Have you ever fallen hard for someone for the very first time, & you love him with no reason unless you just do, but you feel like he's only present in your life and neither with you in his?

Like distance tightens its grips as time goes by, & you gradually forget all your memories with him. Starting from the littlest things...... Like the exact time, exact place; like what clothes did we both wear, and the exact drawn smiles, up until a rather crucial moments.

Like senses are dulled, and sights are completely blinded. And heart's becoming soulless & dying. & the longer you lost the contact, be it through smells, be it through touches... You eventually end up forgetting how his hair looks like. How his figure, his shoulders, his smile, his eyes, and how his face look like. And the worst scenario unfolded by me getting through all the past occurrences with someone I no longer recognize who/how he is.

.....................I'm conquered.

I feel like I'm loving someone, but he no longer exists. I feel like letting him go, but this love is so strong I can't see someone else.

I want to escape, but I could never do.