Saturday, February 12, 2011
abstinence door. @ 13:05

...so this is the first week of my College life, eventually; & I feel like a conflict of emotions has already burst on me.

I MEAN, PHYSICS? CALCULUS II? MATRICES & VECTOR SPACES? THE INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMIC SCIENCE? I'm gonna be puking soon enough right on that weaboo's face I dislike so much, gays. Like, seriously. While Physics seems quite tolerable for the Lecturer, Mr. Suwandi, is discipline [he doesn't give a time-compensation at all, so we have to be always on time--FOR REAL--& wake up really early since all of his classes for IE-05 are on 7 AM, which I found effin' challenging] & his method of teaching is fairly exciting and invigorating, Calculus II just feels hauntingly asphyxiating and slowly cracking my nerves. The Lecturer isn't even half bad compared to The Theory of Probability's, actually, but he's way too fast we gotta catch his pace up as if we're running both of oxygen & a proper nutritions, shit. Plus both of his classes are in 11 AM & 3.20 PM, he should've learned on how to slow down the speed & effectively deliver the materials from Mrs. Rida who teaches us APK&E, really. :(

& yeah, despite the Lecturer being so apathetic and unattractive & the class being so fulled of dead air everywhere, I'm apparently will be staying in the same class with Kak Andi [my senior from SEC, DA division, class of 2006] for TToP in IE-GAB-33-01 for the rest of this semester :'), oh my goodness---

..wait. It's nothing you might have thought of; it's only an admiration, and that's all about it.