Friday, April 01, 2011
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Honestly, it's me who wants to retire. During the hiatus, I began to understand what kind of things I wish for;
and, because of that, as the result of thinking a lot for what I'm gonna obtain, I have this answer.

As Deluhi, working with the members and staffs, and also, the most important, the fans, I want to thank you.
I'm growing up with you. Although it's illogical about saying this departure, it's eventually closed with the two words: break up.
I have complications with myself, but for the final tour, I want to enjoy my precious time with you.

- Aggy [Ba.] of DELUHI, my favorite member among all, concerning the band's decision to finally disband after having a temporary hiatus since late at August. It's probably a pretty hardcore April Fool's prank; the timing is way too convenient. I wouldn't be surprised if this was some marketing ploy to get them promotion for their next single.. But. then again, I wouldn't be surprised if this was true and they actually did decide to disband. Nothing they did after Visvasrit/Mahadeva/Jagannath stuck with me in the slightest and their latest 3-single campaign spree wasn't very good. Fangirls gonna kill me, but honestly; I hope Leda does dissolve this project and start a better, non-visual one with members that can play their instruments, since DELUHI was a failed experiment for they kept downgrading themselves along with Juri's gradually nasal vocalizations & Aggy's inaudible basslines, meh.

Although, just stating now that if it is an April Fool's joke--despite finding this out just right after a shitty Matrices & Vector Spaces Mid exam--it's an extremely thorough one.

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