Monday, June 27, 2011
simply retardous. @ 14:26

So... Ehm. This is the awkward moment where I'm supposed to be sorry for, sort of, deserting this blog for more than a month and impeccably come back with a long summary regarding my somewhat spectacular journey I recalled within hours; since I mostly posted random pics and quotes and never really told what I'd gotten through in real life, or so to speak.

And in short, this past 4 months were really, really immeasurable. To an extent that it might be difficult to recur, by chance; or that it was really memorable it's almost like a-once-in-a-lifetime event it still lingers clearly in my mind, even up until now.

Second semester of college started off pretty odd at 7 AM physics' class, with SWI as our lecturer, for my classmates cheered me in an instance once they saw my stunning, first ever red-haired appearance it felt kind of archaic. Renda, frankly, embarrassed me by shamelessly shouting "METAL!" everywhere I was around, including in classes where the lecturers were in; to the point where it nearly triggered their disliking towards my uncommon hair it looked somewhat ignited under the lights. It didn't last long, though; I dyed it black a week later when I was about to go to Jakarta for participating in Binus University's South-east Asian English Olympics, February 14-19, News Casting branch; and I took, appallingly, the 7th best, out of all the top 10/quarter finalists I had my mouth gaped open at the announcement at Binus Syahdan given the fact that I perform horribly and unsteadily, to tell the truth. Soon, two weeks afterward, Kak Esa surprisingly appointed me as the new Head for News Casting sub-division at IT Telkom's Student English Club when the activities were specifically expanded into 3 divisions [Parliamentary Debate, Conversation Community, and Public Communication]--along with Bill as the vice; making me the only one student from 2010 to have such high position on the organizational committee, as far as I bother to know. I was practically overwhelmed even merely for maintaining the schedule & materials for our regular training, then again--although the party held several days later [where I continuously teased Aji by jokingly complimenting "You're so cute, Ji!! >///o///<" and he kept saying, half-amused, half-tickled, "You're also adorable, Wi; but my mother strongly refuses gay marriage, so how?" in response] fairly redeemed it off.

March came through, roughly; along with mid-semester exam, which I did pretty recklessly. An Introduction to Economical Science practically whole-assedly shoved my guts to the lowest point with its tweaking questions, just like Matrices and Vector Spaces and The Theory of Probability did; while Work Design Analysis and Ergonomic was just okay and Calculus II has, above all, the most satisfying and unbelievable [33/40] result--thanks to Beny. And as I got a year closer to twenty once April passed by, I've gotten sporadically active in twitter; half-abandoning my facebook account after aimlessly reducing my friends from 19XX to 700 or so, yet always failing to deactivate it due to some groups [and real, cherished friends who're twitter-blind I always have to contact them via the said social network if I'm running out of credit] I still keep an eye on. This was seemingly the peak where I got very skeptical and sardonic I tweeted the shit out of me without giving much shits when some internet acquaintances started talking behind my back, bawled like some nutters; and began questioning where my faith truly goes--so acute that I neglected praying and believing solely for convincing my mum that I was 'alright'. Subjects at college felt gradually troublesome, assignments came rapidly with no fraction for a fleeting, soothing moment and tasks from SEC hassled it all off as my time [which I definitely allocated for my own benefit] futilely wasted on people who joined the club not because of interests, but mostly merely for the sake of TAK. Everything was organized haphazardly until the end of May marched forth, where the end-of-semester exams ensued, and despite being befallen at the first day, Physics was extremely.. Tremendously, disarrayed. TToP was, on the other hand, quite easy since I had learned it from weeks before; and the rest was done well I had more to worry about: SHAKTI.

Yes, you read it quite right.

Shakti was an "ospek" for students in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering--which was way bombastic and scrumptious, compared to any other ospek from another 3 faculties like Spektrum/Episentrum and the likes. I actually had, probably, the merest consent on joining the whole parties other than the final outbond--which annoyingly had to be cancelled cause our beloved rector didn't give any legitimate permission to occupy an ospek outside the college area, and thus only 105 or 30% of us were allowed to go to Puntang. My group, Sivo 14, who was initially chosen to go, along with other even-numbered groups, had to hold our anger and disappointment for those with complete present members were essentially preferred; making us had to be withdrawn for the absence of 3 [Yafshiel, Arief and Mila] of our teammates due to their late TToP exams. I couldn't care more unless for our successful ParkBis, nonetheless; I passed it with an almost-A, and the final decision regarding I'm either a member of the assemblage or not couldn't even distort my plain holiday. To my surprise, too,

my GPA was still stable; although a C for Physics was just simply as expected and a B for AItES was a tad irritating [like, seriously, the lecturer's assistant herself told me that my papers were perfect; and it held 40% of the total appraisal. Knowing that only one of the whole 269 students got an A made me paralyzed as fuck]. Fair enough, I reckon; mum's still gonna give me something as a prize or bring me somewhere during the prolonged boredom albeit my similar grades, AAAABBC--since it increased by 0.08 points and most of my friends got below 3.

I guess I want to dye my hair blue.