Saturday, July 30, 2011
argh. @ 23:18

It embarrasses me how I literally puked after leaving a theater due to mental and physical illness for the first time in my life. Like, ever.

So.. Yeah. I went to a cinema again after previously watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 seven months ago with Kainyan. I and my brother went to Galaxy at King's Shopping Center, the nearest one, since we were actually escorting mum buying clothes and shoes and mukenas for the upcoming Eid Mubarak with some other relatives that time.

And this Galaxy, which you might have known, was the shittiest, most uncomfortable theater I've ever stumbled across in any means possible I felt like severely dumbfounded for stupidly paying Rp 13.000 as the ticket fee.

..yes. I'm talking about that Galaxy.

Despite my reluctance, my brother decided to continue since he'd gone there for several times he's used to its austerity already--and since we didn't really have any other option on turning back and going to BSM XXI instead. We had our early dinner before the screening commenced at Gokana, which apparently was his first experience he bluntly abashed me in front of people by shouting how nasty the cold ocha I ordered and how unsatisfied he was with the Hot Beef Ramen-Level 4 he had. When we eventually entered the studio at 16.15... Aside of the unimpressive interior, if any, of the seemingly-lounge--which was empty, spacious, but with insufficient amount of chairs or something to sit onto and thus people had to 'be seated' on the stairs or on the dirty floor--and cafe which bought me the coffin, what lied inside nailed me into it.

And sadly, I'm not exaggerating.

The lights were too bright. The screen was distinctly scratched and dim, implying that it was either whoever the fuck who worked there was too lazy to clean it up a bit or that it was too overused it hasn't been changed for years or anything. The subwoofers were so old-school I felt like seeing it only at local dangdut shows held on traditional weddings, and the air conditioners were.. A pity. Even I could tell, it was tarnished [albeit I'm sure it was originally white] by excessive layers of dirt and dust, and they only provided two of the stuffs for chilling the whole studio filled by nearly a hundred of people. There were no exit doors at the downright side like there commonly were at the usual theater I came into cause we were basically gonna have to use the same passage: the entrance door; and the couches, too, were mostly sunk, dusty, and had no arms or whatever to curb it with each other.

I was like, "Fuckin' Dante... Poetry-writing faggot! Piece of shit, motherfucker!!!".

I exhaled. And we waited, as I stared to my brother with an expression like I could chew anybody at a minute. When people finally swarmed and marched through, my surrounding became overwhelmingly vociferous; massive sounds originated from plastics crackling and styrofoams rustling dominated the whole room. Once the movie started, there was this scene where I silently cried seeing Snape was dying and insisting Potter to retrieve his tears into a flask and pour it into the pensieve; and while I was still crying minutes afterward, another audience clapped their hands.

They clapped their hands and laughed when Hermione embraced Potter the moment he was about to go to the forbidden forest, with Ron gazing at them with mixed feelings [which clearly wasn't resentment] and thought it was because he was jealous. They deemed it was funny.


I felt like I would go and sulk over their misconception. Hell, I felt like I remotely exploded. The awfully-looking video, the goddamn AC, the dusty walls, the couches, the speakers, the noise and the people seemed to bury me in the ground, to top it all off. Scene by scene went by with nuisances and creaks coming from the entire direction and unnecessary, misplaced reactions resounded here and there; and the deafening sounds (most likely for enhancing the 2D-to-3D conversion effects, but it fell grating and jarring, frankly) plus the blinding, bright white light on the scenes where Dumbledore approached and had a little talk with Potter hurt my head as fuck. When the screen suddenly went all black after the climax of the Battle was over, the audience thought the movie was coming to an end and nearly left their seats in an immediate, disorderly fashion before the line at last appeared, '19 years later', and they giggled and smiled and sat back--as if they were attempting to conceal their own stupidity.

I didn't know if they didn't bother reading the book, but that was just plain dumb.

The actual ending came not long afterward, and I practically rushed out of the cinema whilst struggling to hold something seething inside my stomach. We rested for a while for a blackberry juice, thinking it was any good for chilling the raging tidal wave, but my head was too heavy we forcibly stopped somewhere. I puked so hard.. I felt like regurgitating everything I digested since before I watched the film.

Damn you, Galaxy. Fuck you.

It gave me Harry Potter 7.2. It gave me foul headache. It gave me idiocy. It gave me heat. It gave me unpleasant place. It gave me bothering murmurs and hisses and such. No game center, no proper cafe where you could buy delicious pop-corns and snacks and beverages, no decent services & decors, and no free toilet. It asked money, yet it induced vomiting.

I hate that friggin' cinema. I never fancied going if there were no films worth enough watching although BSM XXI was my most favorite I went there at least 3-4 times a year, but given the current circumstances where most foreign movies won't be screened domestically, I no longer have a reason doing so.