Sunday, October 09, 2011
"I mean, look at yourself! A blazer, wow. You look gorgeous.." @ 21:18

.......that's what Aji said when he saw me wearing half formal-apparel, half informal outfit prior my live report performance on English Fair's Final Round at the Assembly Hall this morning.

I smirked. And waved as I parted, upon leaving him and Kak Esa in the audience seats.

That said, yeah. I was one of the contestants for the News Casting Competition--and I did it only for the sake of money, since aiming for popularity or acknowledgement is pretty pointless, instead of futilely negligible. I remember being yelled by Kak Esa the night the Technical Meeting was held, saying that I should just be a judge myself if I wasn't that thirst of quick-cash. I remember the first round was fairly smooth, albeit a tad easy, for I were only ordered to do a News Reading and a weather forecasting in 5 minutes and all the materials--including the news and maps of Indonesia--were already prepared by the committee.

Kak Esa, again, said I was being an ultimate outlier; leaving a comment "DAMN YOU, DWI! DAMN!" on my score sheet cause I unconditionally 'hopped' from the average score, much to my surprise--as I realize I misspelled the words a lot. Mrs. Martinah, too, gave me a 4-5-5-4 for my presentation, innate skill, expression and eye contact; making me mentally talked to myself in disarray seeing the numbers. Valuing my cold, occasionally stern visage and fully money-driven knack by the highest mark is kinda.... Cheap, I may say.

On the second round, or the semi-final, my so-called video jockey performance was crappy as all fuck I don't even want to elaborate--to the point where I even texted Kak Esa that I'm not going to make it. Her quick reply was:

"Do you really think the others were nearly good til you even think you're not gonna make it?" ;)

Adaptively aware that I might've gone cautious of the possibility that it would turn out into a lethal trolling statement, she sent a further message."Don't worry, Dwi." she calmly convinced me. "English Fair would've been dismissed if you're eliminated that easily. This competition is yours." A severely overrating reckon towards me. Nonetheless, I don't fucking know why, but that weirdly reminded me of what Bill usually said. To me. Always with a small tap on the shoulder.

Yet, I actually made it to the final through an H-1 announcement--after asking to that-girl-Irma whether or not it's been announced--for the responsible contact person, apparently, sent the info to a wrong number. And I won. I presented this........ Typical live-report concerning the event, interview with one of the winners (Joshua, from 2011, who won Who Wants to be the 1st Rank and later also won the Writing Competition; such a fortunate rookie) and one of the committees plus my overused opening and closing statements--unlike the other four, who invited the audiences to follow them as the camera recorded them explaining the whole things existed in that particular hall. Much like what Syam described as "an interactive, thorough depiction of the object"--as opposed to my flimsy understanding.

All of them.

They were so cohesive I found it.. Amusing.

I have an interesting conversation in between the breaks prior the final round of Speech--which was won by Adit--with Kak Esa and Aji. We ate and talked for hours--one of quality times I seldom have. Talking about the prize.. The sum was decent, but not enough. I got this goodie bag from The British Institute containing a pen, notebook, and a voucher for a free one-cycle course I swear I'm gonna sell (should've been with a TBI t-shirt, too; to which Kak Esa alleged it's taken by the committees, so lame), and an elephant plush--an icon of Himatel. I slept once I got back home.. And ate a level-5 Maicih together with my mother and brother afterwards.

That's all. I'm sorry I'm not a good storyteller.