Friday, September 30, 2011
so, I thought, my randomness was real adulterated. @ 20:53

College-related-dramas--which has been running in, roughly, 4 weeks--are gonna be flogged and birched in this one filthy entry due to self-disinclination towards acnes as a result from detained aggravation, so you'd better stay away and ignore this undoubted illiteracy after reading the first paragraph at once. Well, not that anybody's gonna be giving a fuck even if I bothered myself writing precautions, anyway.

..so yeah. People who're all excited about leaving all the shits and dumbfucks in Highschool and can't wait heading to College, taking some favorite and dreamed majors they thought would be excessively joyful in the hope of decent jobs, or decent future, or whatever, without even consenting a single braincell to briefly contemplate how it would most likely turn out nastily shipwrecking, in a way or another, are plain stupid.

Including me.

Cause Industrial Engineering is actually one trolling bastard. Herp derp.

After indignantly bitching about the physically-and-mentally-conquering Technical Drawing and numbing Calculus I-II and others, I came back to my conscious-state; instigating the urge to complain on how erratic the subjects have become. Deviating from the original, wholly engineering-schemed courses, second year of IE is veritably textured with manufacturing-knowledge, cost-estimation, basic accounting and decision-determining-helper-tools in order to optimize source; unwillingly making my clumsy mindset to slightly shift into a more economical side whilst maintaining the "I'M A FUCKING ENGINEERING STUDENT, BEECH" dignity identity--which is currently only 67% remaining and will gradually be washed out, scorned to none, as I leaned my soul further through the concept of production planning and controlling, operational research and cost analysis.

That so-called pretentious solemnity, topped with entirely-afternoon-schedules for 5 days (2 days being on the fourth shift and 3 days being on the fifth and sixth shifts) plus fucking 06.30-08.30-12.30 classes at fucking Saturday make even the biggest boner no longer long and hard.

Pretty sad.


At this rate, I bet the last-man-standing Dignam himself would jeeringly utter an amused "Whoop-de-fucking-doo".

Then again, what is it that I have an issue with? The lecturers? Generally, no. My Statin lecturer, despite my resentment towards his dictating method of teaching, so far is very supporting; although he and GMG--my KWN lecturer--shares an exactly similar traits: a middle-age sundanese family-man with perverted (or, to put it delicately, suggestive) thoughts, crude sense of humor and water-gallon-like figure--which I really don't mind since I'm a living NC 21-rated-projector myself. That lady who preached the APK + E shits last semester is now teaching PPP while expecting her second kid, and my AEB lecturer is also fine...... Or so to me. Contrary to my OR I lecturer, he's sometimes too prolix--to the point where we're instantaneously bored with his tediously prolonged and low-tuned explanation--although, the good point is, they always try to make us understand by re-emphasizing and reiterating the main focus, unhesitatingly. My true problem is the PST lecturer--regardless the subject being the only one which isn't treacherous enough compared to the others--whom I have to depict in mere "muka tembok, suara datar, mati segan, hidup tak hendak. krik krik krik" description.

Yes. That's an appropriate, inseparable label which fits her perfectly.

.........so that's all it ever is? I've written down a goddamn long, useless post just to whimper my ass off of perfidious subjects, in-conducive studying conditions and an amateurish young woman whose regular responsibilities are indifferently, and vainly, re-reading her goddawful slides containing a goddawfully short explanations about fiber optics and telephone centrals and stuffs which I can barely fathom? See, I've warned yo--

Eh. I guess I need to set my Educational background hidden asap.