Sunday, October 16, 2011
Dear Lab Assistants, I do that, for real. @ 16:08

........thinking you all are fucking dumbfucks. Yes, I do that all the time.

I remember you guys attached that one single chapter which was exclusively dedicated for our suggestions regarding the assistants on our final reports. I remember I typed this, as copied from my own:

Hal paling pertama yang saya keluhkan adalah adanya penugasan progress report yang terasa membebani dan, jujur saja, waktu penyelesaiannya yang lumayan singkat dirasa mengganggu mata kuliah lain—padahal seharusnya sebuah mata kuliah dengan bobot 1 SKS tidak lebih menyita waktu, tenaga dan pikiran ketimbang mata kuliah lain dengan bobot yang cukup besar. Banyak tugas mata kuliah lain yang kesemuanya bernilai 3 SKS menjadi terbengkalai karena fokus perhatian tertuju pada progress report, dan bukankah seharusnya tugas praktikum seyogyanya dikerjakan dan diselesaikan selama sesi praktikum berlangsung (tentu dengan penyesuaian terhadap tingkat kesulitan dan banyaknya tugas, dengan pertimbangan terhadap terbatasnya durasi), bukannya setelah praktikum dengan cara menjadikannya sebagai pekerjaan rumah? Pada saat proses asistensi, asisten juga tidak menjabarkan semua info dan detail (yang kecil namun penting, dan kerapkali terlupakan) secara gamblang, hingga menyebabkan masih terdapatnya kekeliruan pada pengerjaan tugas dan rendahnya nilai.
But that is nothing, really. Nothing pretty much sums up this disappointment I'm currently feeling for your fucking ignorance.

Just so you fucking gits know, I can't be fucking there all the time. It takes an hour for me to reach the campus, in average, and no one--NONE, INCLUDING LUCY AND CARIN, OF AE-06 MEMBER IS FUCKING ABLE TO BE THERE ALL THE TIME. I could accept that bothersome progress reports you gave us, even if it ruined our time. Even if it made us having no chance doing another subjects' assignments, in each week. Even if it made us feeling like we were going to college every single day only for the sake of a 1-credit subject and, to make it even worse, forced us slaughtering plenty of sleep time for an appalling B--at its best.

Anyone of you gives a flying fuck? No? Alright. Let me continue ranting about all of you and your perpetual, inconsiderate insanity.

Even if it was partially your own mistake, even if it was clearly your omission that you didn't tell us what to do, I could accept that horrible marks you bestowed afterwards. I could accept your aggravating accusation that very moment when we were half-done designing our layout, blaming us for the error we did on calculating the length of the tables which made it impossible for us to properly have 7 work-stations and 1 QC spot; and thus we were punished by a 70-minutes-cut--10 minutes per AE, on the process time for 10 mini police alarms (which equally means we all won't get a decent score since we couldn't make 10 products in 50 FUCKING MINUTES), despite it was actually you who provided the size of the tables on that fucking First Progress Report Format file you transferred to us on the first place. Which you deemed wrong, which you didn't know why the hell it could've been so, which you thought was not your fault, at any possible rate.

Still thinking you all are always right, and nobody can argue? Still thinking you all are freaking saints whatsoever?

I could even accept that fucking illiteracy you showed us in our practicum slides and module--fuck you and your English, anyway--but demanding us to be present any fucking time for a fleeting second just to check on a freaking announcement available only on the wall-magazine whilst there are other medias like that friggin' facebook group and lab website we could always catch up with, and then giving yet another penalty for the fault we just did ENTIRELY BECAUSE THERE'S NO INFORMATION PRIOR THE SCHEDULE INPUT, that is so inhumane and savage you fucking 'tards should begin questioning whether you are civilized humans or mere boars enchantingly pushed out of your moms' genitals.

..unless we're fucking witches who are fucking able to apparate, you are--without a doubt--the latter.

Fuck you. I mean, seriously. Fuck yourself, idiots. I'm extremely pissed as all heck.