Friday, November 11, 2011
I'm prepared to testify @ 22:57

You know that feeling you get when you're snapped awake from one delicate dream, but failing to preserve it once you're finally able to have your eyes closed again? That feeling that outrages you when people don't get your sarcasms and think you're the stupid one?

That's what I've been feeling during the first half of November; except, to have quite astutely undergone it thus far, it was a lot more...... Menacing.

Menacing, in a sense that I screwed up my Industrial Statistics and Operational Research I mid-exams and still not understand a thing--which became the prime reason on why I enrolled SIPO Laboratory's Study Group. In a sense that I got a woeful 57/100 and 69/100 for IS and OR I, respectively, and later feel like a total moron since it was actually pretty easy and workable AND I could've earned 90/100 for those two subjects if it wasn't because of my low level of concentration that didn't allow me to correctly calculate the numerical operations--as proven by 0,1:2 = 0,005.

Despite being accepted on the SG may be either a little, considerably valuable, help or a huge disturbance, it's gotten even worse now for both courses' classes didn't even inspire me to exert my utmost endeavor for the upcoming final exam. Just................ Really, how could that not be ominous? Where even the lecturers' preachings seemed to be uttered in Swahili and studying all by myself didn't even do it?

Just imagine how the concept of Industrial Statistics could be apprehended if your lecturer--in this case, SDT--only sat on his chair, reading aloud the materials out of the handout without a proper amount of further-detailed explanations/examples/exercises/case studies. Nobody's willing to take that shit, and it's gonna be ridiculous if a mere 57 makes it to the Top 5 highest grades on the class.

This is exactly the very moment where I need to exploit all available resources--although borrowing books from library is totally out of the league for I haven't exchanged my cards.