Wednesday, January 18, 2012
not my bias, but this is more like a fanfic written by hormonal fangirl @ 13:40

I had this strange, yet heartwarming dream with MBLAQ's Park Sang Hyun last night after just recently I had another one involving Big Bang's GD, Daesung and Seungri. All happened simply because I randomly youtube-ed their videos earlier on the afternoon.

It was dark.

Completely paralyzed and desiccated, I found myself laying powerlessly in the midst of thick mist; though I was still pretty unsure if it was either a tropical rain forest surrounded by monstrous pine trees which weirdly dense and large leaves shaded the sun above--giving a grim and threatening feeling--or just some random field in an unnamed kingdom, much like Seal Online's prevailing layout my brother had always been playing. I breathed; rapidly inhaling and exhaling the air in such a reckless manner as if my lungs were outworn for years, fingers scratching the moist lichens whilst sensing an indistinct jeopardy spying from afar. I closed my eyes... Vainly seeking for solace.

I had no idea what kind of ruthless creature vile enough to soak my soul up and toss me away into this sort of anguish. I was all alone, withered and frail... Inches to death. My pulse weakened, my heart lost its regular cadence and my mouth dried for I was totally emaciated - until my ears told me there was a faint sound of water trickling--it should've been a river. Driven by the compelling long to break loose of the inevitable affliction, I crawled along the ground with all my might, feebly dragging my body to trace any sign leading to what seemed like a source of life; a shrine. By the time I reached the spot--an untouched stream of water flickering countless of lights, I would've ravenously drunk the liquid to satiate my thirst if it wasn't because a voice weakly repeating inside my head:

"It's poisoned."

I scanned the whole ambiance, awoken by the fact that I wasn't entirely alone. I intended to just ignore it since there was, really, nobody; but the water had suddenly turned horribly green, filled with what looked like tiny, carnivorous fishes galloping to prey me. I ran. I didn't know where the strength came from, but I brought myself through the dim woodland with an unbelievable speed and stopped once I saw another body - clothes rugged and stained, looking like he had been severely injured during a heated fight with some tenacious enemy. He just laid there, eyes shut; seemingly vulnerable. Unarmed.

"Who are you?" spoken with a hoarse tone. "What is happening...?"

He didn't even move a single muscle.

"Where are we?" I, once again, inquired. This question was devoid of any meaning. Nothing could be heard. He didn't answer. My hands instinctively scraped a handful of my hair on the reeling sensation dispersed throughout my body which repeatedly crushed my unstable stance; dizziness stricken me as my vision went hazy. Without getting the chance to know what the hell was that place or what was happening to us, the remaining vigor had gone and I fell onto the surface, and the next thing I knew I was in a room which smelled like medicines. I was sitting on a chair next to my brother, who was joyously teasing someone using a raking stick.

This is probably a hospital, I mentally muttered.

I yawned. I was about to go back to continue my long sleep for it felt like a requisite need to replenish my energy, but the constant chuckles coming from my brother and his newly found pleasure pissed me to no end.

Scorning at his current demeanor, I contemptuously retorted, "Seriously, whatever you're doing..." I stared at the stick, sight trailing it thoroughly up until I directly blinked right at a familiar face--which grinned gratefully towards me. "..you should...... Stop it, now."

"No." He giggled, pausing for a while. "This is fun, disturbing Sang Hyun."

..so his name is Sang Hyun, eh?

I didn't know how could Sang Hyun have known him, or how could my brother have known the other. I couldn't care less. I was too tired I uncontrollably raised my volume and shouted, "can't you see? I need a rest!" eyebrows furrowed in great annoyance. "And he needs it too! We both need to recover!"

"But--" he punched the younger guy's waist using the edge of the stick, "--I'm having fu--"

Upon seeing my glower, my brother frowned and finally gave me an 'alright, have it your way' look, then turned back to watch some soap operas when a gentle pat touched my right shoulder, almost unremarked. I averted my gaze to Sang Hyun, whose lips knitted a small, relieving curve on both corners as a way to thank me for letting him go of my brother's nuisance. I couldn't help but to sneer, thanking him back for saving my life--though no word was uttered .Oddly enough, he nodded kindly, fully knowing what I meant; and for that fleeting second I came to realize that the siege before had ultimately taken a toll on his appearance--particularly on how gaunt he had become. His black hair was untidy, and the black circles under his eyes were so apparent that he looked extremely exhausted... Though despite his dull look, he somehow still managed to retain the beauty of his bearing, as opposed to me. Feeling uneasy due to his intense stare, I fidgeted and straightened myself, drowsiness vanished as I opened up the door; entering another spacious, all-white ward filled with lots of empty beds each confined by plain white sheets--or curtains--hanging on stakes above. Sang Hyun walking closely behind me.

I didn't know why he was following me--hell, I didn't even know why we were walking in this rhythmic steps, the fact that I felt consoled by his presence alone made me bewildered. Momentarily taking a joy from this heartening moment, I could, somehow, really tell that Sang Hyun was also humming delightfully--I just didn't know why on earth I could. Seconds afterward, I sped up my pace--almost half-running, curtly challenging him something like "you think you can catch me?" while turning to the left row; all laughter. I felt wholly rejoiced. Sang Hyun pleasingly laughed; trying to come after me. Upon passing on a nurse who stated that both of us had already regained our youth spirit back as well as never been healthier and happier, Sang Hyun merely grinned to her, resuming to find where I was hiding--who was sliding in between the sheets, carefully tried not to make any sound. I was attempting to seize a breath when a tall personage suddenly stood in front of me; his hand gently removing and holding my left palm I put on my mouth - which partly gaped; grasping it firmly whilst his other hand was tucking the fabrics covering my body.

Looking up in surprise, I found him pointing a fixed gaze at me; black orbs keenly observing mine. Time muted for what seemed like an eternity, hearts beat faster; and it took me quite some time to eventually notice that he mysteriously had gotten his grace refined in all possible ways. As far as I was concerned, he seriously had never looked this stunning; long nose, sharp eyes, inviting lips.. Sleek hair perfectly framing his sculpture-like face with well-built figure sustaining it. He looked way mature, way polished, way alluring.... So true that I almost thought my sense had mistaken him. I shook my hand which was clutched by his, gripping his warm fingers as if I needed some legit proof to ease the disbelief away that I really was touching his very skin--as if I was afraid that my eyes might've fooled me. Sang Hyun smiled upon my continual puzzlement, revealing a set of dazzling white teeth and his adorable smiling-eyes. I sighed, reassured by the scene; returning the smile he was sincerely giving me while struggling to hold my tears.

That exact moment, I was convinced.

Sang Hyun's smile grew wider as he held my free hand and led me to walk side by side with him to the exit passage of the ward, which miraculously ended to a steep cliff. Brisk winds waved strands of our hair. Sang Hyun tried his best not to look anxious, yet something must've gone wrong that he kept scrutinizing the huge river meters below our feet. He implied something like "we're gonna have to go, no matter what" through his awkward gesture--to which I didn't know why we should go--or to put it delicately, escape; but lights went dim, all at once, and on an instance we knew we were obviously in peril. When an unknown voice, "Oh! Sang Hyun-ah, Dwi-chan~, you two have fallen in love, eh?", abruptly reverberated behind us and we got this evident feeling that whoever saying that was actually the one who had previously put us in danger, without bothering to turn back, Sang Hyun quickly pulled me off--

--and we jumped.

Not letting myself go of his hold, I felt pain. Pain spread all over my body once we were drown...................... So deep. I called out his name to ensure myself that he was still alive, not caring just how much water I gulped and how severe I was choked. There Sang Hyun was; looking directly at me while tightening his grip--

I opened my eyes and saw the ceiling. This must be home.