Monday, April 30, 2012
Enigme Sans Fin @ 19:01

I'm quite ashamed to recall that I used to post, almost, abundant random stuffs from my daily life, back then; while recently I've grown accustomed to only share things pretty occasionally, due to lack of insight. I know, it's been 2 months already - blogwalking across my classmate's blog just so occurred to lit the fragments of my long disregarded vigor and humble notion that blog is somewhat supposed to contain everything the owner's free will wants to, regardless irrelevancy. Aside the tendency of mine to begin with gibberish excuse once I cease to regularly catch up with stuffs........ I guess, this is it, eh?

First of all, excuse me. My grammar has been anything but correct and my vocabulary is often either misplaced or misleading. Second, how are you doing, college? Aren't you content to torture--

Any inquiry seems a lot purposeless cause the answer would be definitely, "no".

I previously had bitched--why is the first semester so mind-wrecking? Why is the second semester so tediously formulaic? Why is the third semester so deceiving?--about the preceding three semesters in various ways in this blog albeit the fact that my GPAs thus far progressed really positively, so I'll obviously go on whining over the current terms I'm having with the forth semester. Despite the complexity, hatred and despair, I...... without trying to sound so wiseass-y, reckon that I at least have learned many, many things to better adjust my conception and viewpoint on reality, in general.

I suspect Glinow would've said the exact same thing.

The even semester went off  rather sloppy. Telecommunication Network first appeared as a subject that emitted a misteriously engrossing aura for the lecturer received his master degree from a university in Australia; but it - or him, instead - plainly thwarted all the assumptions by completely being tantalizing due to the indispensable use of English and stuffs. He refused to lecture in Bahasa - which is utter nonsensical cause, really, HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND OSI LAYERS AND CABLES AND ROUTERS AND THE LIKES IF IT'S DELIVERED IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE? He ultimately got the faculty's tradition altered, upside down; disobeying seniors who wanted to conform with the old-style and inciting resentment from other lecturers - also students who writhed in exasperation upon knowing how the score limits for each grade got raised. Organizational Behavior came up next; basically preaching necessary psychological and physiological knowledge useful in the workplace. Operational Research II wasn't really surprising anymore though it's gotten more and more overwhelming over the weeks, and Engineering Economics............ No words best describe it. Rabu, rabu, rabu desu.

Marketing Management and Business Process Design, on another hand, looked tameable enough; while other concerns that towered and could potentially harm the harmony of my stride were the newly-established accountability as a laboratory assistant and a research originating from Sipo. I don't know........ Even until now, unlike the relationship I'm having with the other study group members - which is getting really well, I still don't feel comfortable with the language laboratory folks; they abide by the rules too much I'm sold on the very idea that I would no longer stay if there'd be no payment.

lol, yes; it's all about money, again.

Prior doing nothing and getting nowhere, what did I actually learn? I came to understand that I don't want to be involved in any other errands, unless regular classes, which require frequent meeting or gathering or whatever the fuck it is until late on evening. I came to realize that I should be pushing myself harder - be it figuratively, take it as you wish - cause, without a doubt, this semester is so far the toughest opponent I'm urged to combat. I, also, came to realize that I have a pretty good critical thinking, logical analysis, public speaking ability and most possibly any other capabilities - as proved by comments from my classmates when I was done presenting my group's excellence task and others. Being an uncongenial, suicidal individual myself who's been almost always opposing consensus for the sake of following my own belief, I also found out that I polarize quite often; probably owing to some sort of drive to bond or anything relating to my desire to create a favorable self-image.

According to DISC, I'm a DC person, anyway.

And, ugh. My mid-term exams were sort of catastrophic. 71/100 for MM, 83/100 for OR II, 85/100 for BPD, 36/100 for TN ("Fuck you." I silently retorted whilst receiving my answer sheet)........... I have no idea about both OB and EE, but my Production Planning and Control practicum grade is no way nearing an all-round A. I need to figure out both scores (I always seem to forget to go to C3, faculty admin room, Idky) since I need to determine priority and strategical tactics to achieve 3.5, at least.

Speaking of priority.......................................... Binary Logistic research for Sipo, oral end-of-term Organizational exam & case-study paper, BPD final assignment, OR II final assignment and MM presentation is the order. Flexibly interchangeable cause the arrangement largely depends on moods, though.