Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Such cowardice. @ 07:53

Dear friend,
There was one time where I got spat at by a lecturer during student orientation for being ill-mannered. There was this one time too where I got reprimanded by a senior during a laboratory research presentation for never greeting him properly whenever we happened to stumble across each other, and although I am still bewildered by the necessity to say “Hi!” every time we encounter someone and the position I was put in—where all seniors would start throwing metaphorical bricks at you and accuse you of so-called unfit deeds regardless of how trivial it was, I believe I did smile at him, which I assumed was more than enough for when meeting people I usually just give a quick glance or slight nod to acknowledge their presence. There were also another occasions in which my mother and friend’s exasperated remarks were incorporated, mostly noting my ignorance and discourtesy 'though I'm sure what I did was circumstantial. I wish dealing with people is simpler.

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