Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Calm Envy @ 13:52

Sometimes time goes by so slowly, and the other times was just the contrary.
Time would fall much fast when you missed something you’ve regained consciousness that you lost it.

Sometimes I felt gutless when I have to go to my former High-School. Clueless, yes; It’s a kind of weird seeing a lot of teenagers wore the same uniform as what I’ve ever wore. Seeing the place where I used to learn, where I used to do a bunch of silly stuff, actually was no longer a place of mine. A place where I went over for years and has been become my daily routine until in edge, in all of a sudden, it has to be stopped..

It’s a bit odd, I confess.

Watching them practicing at the yard, yelling out from their classes, lurking over canteen with a group of their friends..

I’m a bit vain, I admit. I missed my friends, and how hard will be to meet them then.. I missed every moment where I did such a silly and riddiculous stuffs with my friends, I missed the sliver when we quietly having any gossips in the middle of library-task, I missed the memory when we having a ceremony every monday, I missed every fragment when I did a sort of hikikomori by staying along in the room without associates any if I found out how annoying was one of my friend..
It would be hypocritical of me to say I think I didn't lose any of that.

I just can’t deny any of my remorse that I didn’t fully enjoy my HS.

I envy them; for God’s sake.. I envy them so much~!!!

3 years of HS wouldn’t ever enough..

Yes, definitely time goes by so fast for this.