Sunday, July 26, 2009
It's HIM, GODDAMMIT @ 16:28

Doesn't mean that he's my own father, I ain't being so serious nor couldn't be.

He's just a fucktarded dull-witted human, just going so retarded merely cause he's the one who have any power and treat us harshly.. I can explode any minute I wanted to and go batshit insane. Dammit~!!!

What's so hard about leaving us and get your own-fucking-place??!!

I hate how this airheaded kinda father is around me for so long.

Doesn't mean that I rarely got angry with you, I won't do the same of what you've did. Called me 'bastard', that's directly make me throw him back a tantrum by saying, "yes I'm a bastard, cause you're a poor dumb and badass bastard too!!! Get your fucking ass off me~!!"

I better revealed everything, cursed him rudely and decided to go bitchy of that jackass, and slapped him off.
yes, he's already piss me off. totally.

Why is it so hard for him just to leave me, my mommy and my brother... D:<