Thursday, July 30, 2009
NEW BANNER~!!! yay!! @ 21:08

Currently Rene (Irene4207) at Forum Lautan Indonesia made me such an amazing and gorgeous banner after I requested any for her.

well, it's a kinda nice. more than just a nice, actually, I have no more words to say except ASDFHGEUQWHEUQURIJFKSDFahsjfhdghshg *lost for words* when she gave me this *look at my banner then <3333* tora, shou, shin and sujk was merely fabulous~!!! XDDDDD
eventually I'd love to have a white-background-version than this, so the banner can blend perfectly with the blog-background, but to know that she's please to made me, I couldn't deprecate more. ITS BEEN EXTREMELY GREAT ^-^

many many thanks to her. LOVE YOU, RENE~!!! *hugs titely*

all credits goes to her :)

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