Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Report. @ 23:34

Another wholly-cranky days D':<
Just like today.

My morning and noon and afternoon sucks so friggin' much, HECK, and I was so friggin' pissed. NO. SCRATCH THAT. I'm still so damn pissed even NOW. Please don't ask me whether it is why or when or where because I AM STRONGLY NOT IN ANY MOOD TO SAY ANY OF THAT. My evening was completely saved by that guy who saw me coming into his freelanced-place looking so very pissed and messed and probably looks like I'm going to explode somewhere around soon. I was really thankful for him when he's a kinda said that there's an empty internet con-spot room lies ahead inside--yeah. Thanks a lot.

AND ALSO, ALSDEAD. And a couple of Alice Nine's and Nega's songs were pretty much secured my mood anyway. Again, DELUHI?