Tuesday, September 01, 2009
New Month, Same Old Stuff. @ 05:54

Another month's passed! DX

(.. I want to eat a clouds clump and drink a pounding wave.
Please, time, keep spinning this fast just like an endless ferris wheel..)

Gaah, feels so relieving by the way, after having a long YM chat with my bestfriend, Maulana. He was such a very kind partner, great listener, and very much and much supportive, all in all, and I'm soo glad to see him again, merely to tell how's life lately. Love you, pals! >:D< Quote from him: "Friends indeed are also friends in need.. you know that, toshii? I'm right here when you need me, and will always be." "Man's plan, and God's will." "FIGHT! Stand still for anything you dreamed about... I know you can. Surely, you can!! >:D<" --->HUG emoticon

I love you.. Love you, full, Maulana :-* Thanks for your very honest support!

(.. I want to gulp down the depths of the starry sky, sail the widths of the ocean.
Please, time, keep running this fast just like a cheetah will..)