Friday, September 11, 2009
Please do a brain surgery. PLEASE. @ 03:55

It's over than three-and-a-half, apparently, and I keep on asking to myself why I can't quit just to have my supper anyway. Why I can't stop seeing this gdit 2.2-inches-TFT-screen for hours; why I can't stop reading this oh-so-exceptionally-pretty-smut-and-strong MxM sexuality-on-a-3-chaptered-yaoi-fanfic either to stop reading the XXX part repeatedly, pretending to be innocent, rather than mind my own food or whatsoever. I'm a freak, probably, yes..

But.. GAH. Why I keep on craving for it???!!

I want to stop, for heaven's sake, this is ramadhan! D':< but it's too awesome to let go. The 'main' part, especially. Temptating >,< I want to stop, trust me, but it won't be soon before long until I read another NC-21. I want to stop.. but it's TORAxSHOU. TORAxSHOU!! I can't blame the author afterall for choosing my favorite pairing, ever T.T
I'll hug her instead *hugs Midori やました-san due to her brilliant yaoi sense*

I know it's wrong, but why it feels so right.. >__>

Murder me, then.

*Smut: Sex scene

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