Monday, September 07, 2009
STUBBORN @ 21:53

You know how do we feel, huh, Mr., when you knocked out the front door and came by, as always, with your ugly-silly face smirking abhorrently all around?

You know how do we feel, Mr., seeing a total jackass like you?

Seeing a fake smile and that piggy fat stomach and butt as you walk upon the house?

Hearing your cackling about how miserable your life was after being expelled,
listening to your jabbing and all that shit which surely we don't even want to care of??

You know how it feels like, Mr. STUBBORN, when we unintentionally saw such a disgusting rubbish next to us and it so occured several times though we don't want it to?

We just want to frown or even throw up a vomit, cause you=trash.