Saturday, October 24, 2009
An Alien Abducted Me to Venus @ 13:54

"Well.. your straight-to-the-point, uneffectedness, stiff, formal and lack-of-empathy posting style obviously led them to believe that you ain't a girl back then. It commonly referred as a boy's, not girl's, you know. You seem not care either somebody will offended and aggrieved by your blurt-out and ingenuous words or not. You won't give even a single care whether they're older or younger enough than you.."
"Even so, most of them definitely thought that you're older than them.."
"At least similar with Yagami. 25."

"What? 17? You're not joking, aren't you? The only one at recent who intrigued and interfered Yagami that hard was a quite young lady.. you're also the first female as I could recall here, and also the one who dares to beat him--it's unbelieveable!"
--Jojo *jojo_ryd at Forum Lautan Indonesia*

"I've already had a numerous hunch like that. If I didn't fit your definition of "a girl" and if none of my post conform to my actual age and gender-classification called female and DID only appropriate your terminology of boy and guy and male and adult, then scram. Does that vague and indistinct matter really make sense for you to be mind to in the whole debate?
I guess not."

That paraphrased dialogue between me and Jojo and my chat session with Wira make me some sort of... speechless.