Monday, October 19, 2009
Celebrating My 100th Brain Damage @ 17:03

Ushinaitakunai ibasho ga.. kitto bokura ni wa sonzai suru....---

Aa.. nakidashite kizuku no anata ni mou aenai koto,

-The place that we didn't want to lose.. surely exists inside us.

Crying, I realize that I'll never be able to meet you again, Saicchi...

For my dearest Saicchi. For me.
For us.

[This phrase suddenly approached whenever I went to my former High School where I used to learn for 3 years, along with my bestfriend, San-chan, by a few hours ago when I have to take my SKHUN and Graduation-Certificate. Whenever I saw that familiar-green-buildings, whenever I saw my old classes.. and whenever I recalled all those reminiscences I have within Saicchi in it.

And whenever I have to admit that I really missed him.]