Thursday, October 15, 2009
I need MONEY, duh. @ 07:37

I need to move on from that two-poor-kittens-and-two-goddamned-beggars tale anyway. SCREW them to nothingness.

So. I seriously need to convince her--my mum--regarding the job vacancy as a data-entry-freelancer--which she just told me around 13 hours ago, with no exact purpose, that she had halted all those freelancers she got through BPKP's authority (exclude my bro) cause they were out of control for being involved in such a silly demonstration to BPKP and so she have to recruit another more--which I really AM attracted with.

I seriously need her to trust that I DO qualify all those requirements needed, no matter what.
I seriously need to convince her that I'm easy to learn those workloads I'm obligated to do and that my typing-ability was much better and faster even rather than my bro (no offense, pals. That's a fact). I seriously need to convince her that I WILL work as best as I could, and as I'm supposed to, AND THAT I REALLY NEED TO WORK than being a NEET cause..--duh. Mum, I seriously need (actually, a lot of) money >___>